Feel and experience the superior muscle strength and energy that will take you to the peak of your goals and increase your endurance. It gives you an excellent regeneration after trainings! The key to athletic performance is persistence and discipline, which help us develop physical abilities. An important part of sports practice, however, is time for rest and relaxation. The development, maintenance and regeneration of muscle tissue are decisive for athletic progress. Whether you aim for a gold medal or just to beat your own record, clear aims and efficient support for the body are essential. Mumie Shilajit supports the mental and cognitive functions, helps normalise body weight and supports the metabolism of fats and sugars.

Venture beyond your limits! Mumie Shilajit does not have any side effects and is not prohibited in professional sports. Mumie Shilajit has an impact on production of muscle mass and encourages faster recovery after intense exercise. It has an ANABOLIC IMPACT, preventing the body from storing acidic substances, as well as increasing production of CREATINE. Mumie Shilajit has a significant effect on increasing testosterone production and utilization. Mumie Shilajit soothes MUSCLE DAMAGE after training. Research has found that there are fewer injuries and faster recovery times in groups that use Mumie Shilajit. Compared to steroids, Mumie Shilajit does not work as ‘spectacularly’ quickly, but with regular use creates longlasting positive changes in muscle and connective tissues for the bones of athletes.

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