Four different raindrops on the screen representing rejuvenating

Beneficial effect of Shilajit on men


Four different raindrops on the screen representing rejuvenating

If you’ve been following our blogs you’ll remember that last time we focused on ladies and how Shilajit effects their health and mental well being. If you want to know how exactly women can benefit from Shilajit just click here. Now that we got that out of the way, we should go on with this blog. Naturally, this one should be about men and how Shilajit can effect their life. Just like women, men face a series of challenges and mayor steps in their life that require a strong body and mind. The stresses and responsibility of one’s work and private life can be a major challenge. Stress undermines the physical balance and requires a lot of energy; its physical and mental consequences can be severe. Shilajit can effectively battle these problems…so, lets find out how!


Men with Shilajit



In recent times, when various viruses and modern diseases are on the rise, a strong immune system can make a big difference.  Shilajit can fulfill this roll perfectly. It contains over 85 minerals and vitamins while exhibiting strong antioxidant activity. That’s why its known as a very strong 100% natural bio revitaliser that boosts your mental and physical health. We’re not stating in any way that its a magical cure for the modern viruses that our society is struggling with in recent times, but its a well known fact that a strong and healthy immune system can play a mayor role here.

Balanced healthy man with Shilajit



Before we dive in to this, we should say something about this in general. Problems with sexual functions are actualy a very common problem amongst men, source for which can be found both in mental and physical area. Daily stress of modern life can negatively impact your mental wellbeing while improper diet, lack of sleep and other factors can effect this area physicaly. Its nothing to be ashamed, in fact, these kind of problems are not spoken about enough since its still viewed as a taboo by some people. Since we believe in healing power of nature, Shilajit proved itself once again in this area. But how exactly does it work?

Well, as science proved a long time ago, these problems are connected to lack of testosterone, synthesis of which can be reduced by factors we mentioned above. Shilajit directly effects the amount of said hormone our body produces which results in improved sexual function and greater overall feeling. Combine that with all the extra energy you get with regular intake and you can start to understand what an impact it can have on the life of an average man. Secondly, testosteron is the main culprit behind muscle formation, which basicaly means that your sports achievements will get significantly better in a shorter time. Evidently, testosterone directly effects many areas of every mans life so its extremely important to keep it on high and healty levels.


Health man Shilajit



The prostate is a small, squishy gland about the size of a ping-pong ball, located deep inside the groin, between the base of the penis and the rectum. It is important for reproduction, because it supplies the seminal fluid, which mixes with sperm from the testes. Seminal fluid helps the sperm to travel and survive. Shilajit directly effect the health of your prostate glad which results in higher sperm count, (again) improved sexual function and reduced chances of something going wrong with it. As you know, its important for men over 50 to go for regular prostate exams, since prostate cancer is more and more common. Healthy prostate can lead to a longer and happier life, so its a no-brainer why Shilajit is so important here.

Strong with Shilajit

As you can see, Shilajits effects are very diverse and extensive. It can effect everything from your sexual functions to overall health and well-being…and in recent times and events, care for your health is even more important than ever. Stay safe and healthy!

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