100% pure natural herbomineral pitch (mumio, shilajit)
Origin: Altai mountains


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Amount per serving:
Shilajit: 200 mg


Take 1-3 measuring spoons (0,2 – 0,6 g) and fully dissolve them in water or warm tea, with temperature up to 39 degrees.


Store at ambient temperature and not directly exposed to the sun.

Harvesting Altitude

Ionic Minerals + Vitamins


Amino + Fulvic Acids

Unleash Natural Vitality: Pure, Authentic, 100% Natural Shilajit

Experience the power of nature with Mountaindrop Shilajit. Brimming with over eighty-five essential minerals and trace elements, this timeless treasure provides the wholesome nutrition your body craves. Shilajit is not a new discovery, rather a revered ancient remedy, celebrated in Asia for millennia for its potent health benefits.

Why is it so extraordinary? Because it’s an all-encompassing wellness booster, enhancing cognitive function for day-to-day tasks, fortifying physical strength, fostering emotional balance, and encouraging spiritual well-being. It’s not just a supplement; it’s a complete package for a healthier, happier you.

Embrace the natural way to vibrant health and vitality with Mountaindrop Shilajit.

Nature’s Best Kept Secret: Our Shilajit from the Heart of Altai Mountains

Ever wondered where our exceptional Shilajit comes from? Our journey takes us to the magnificent Altai Mountains, an awe-inspiring mountain complex stretching over 1,200 miles in Central Asia. These rugged peaks, named “Altan” or “golden” in the Turkic-Mongolian language, hold a secret as precious as gold — our unique Shilajit.

But, don’t be mistaken by the vast expanse of the Altai Mountains. Shilajit, despite its extraordinary benefits, isn’t commonly found here. It emerges in select few places, where it reveals itself like a dark, rich tar blanketing the mountainsides. In these rare spots, at altitudes reaching 3000m, our locally-sourced Shilajit overlooks stunning panoramic views.

At times, Shilajit retreats back into the mountains, nestling in caves and crevices, pooling into rich deposits. In some remarkable instances, it accumulates into thick, resinous masses, even forming stalagmites or vast puddles of this valuable crusty resin. These hidden sites serve as our primary source for the finest Altai Shilajit, allowing us to bring you the best nature has to offer.

Mountaindrop: Your Gateway to Pure, Safely-Processed Shilajit

Shilajit isn’t an ordinary product; it’s a gift of nature. As this precious resin seeps from the mountain cracks, skilled harvesters act swiftly, ensuring every drop is captured. Each piece is then meticulously cleaned using pure, warm spring water, ridding it of unwanted elements while retaining all its natural goodness. Unlike many providers who cut corners to save costs, we place your wellbeing at the forefront. Our stringent cleaning process guarantees the absence of any hazardous heavy metals that could potentially harm your health.

With Mountaindrop, you aren’t just buying a product; you’re choosing peace of mind. We provide 100% pure, top-quality Shilajit, a claim backed by all necessary certifications. We assure you that our Shilajit is processed using only the purest water and devoid of any chemical compounds.

We are steadfast in our mission to deliver the best of nature in its purest form, which is why we are unwavering in our dedication to 100% natural Shilajit. Opt for Mountaindrop’s Shilajit, and you are investing in superior health and vitality. Experience the Mountaindrop difference, and let nature’s most potent secret uplift your wellbeing. 

Trust in our commitment and feel the difference in your health and vitality.

Our Secret to Superior Shilajit: Special Purple Glass Jars

At Mountaindrop, we understand that quality isn’t just about the product, it’s about the whole experience. We know that the storage of our Shilajit is as crucial as its harvest and purification.

This is why our exceptional Shilajit is preserved in special purple glass containers. Not an ordinary choice, this unique glass is our secret weapon in the fight against time and environmental factors. It not only extends the lifespan of our Shilajit but also shields its nutritional value, ensuring that each serving delivers the optimal benefit to you. Even after long periods of storage, Mountaindrop’s Shilajit retains its potency, safety, and health benefits, ready for your consumption.

Remember, all Shilajit is not created equal. Be cautious of Shilajit stored in plastic containers or generic glass. These cheaper materials often signal compromised quality and can negatively affect the Shilajit’s efficacy, potentially introducing unwanted substances.

By choosing Mountaindrop, you’re investing in more than a wellness product; you’re opting for a promise of uncompromised quality and safety. It’s a commitment that reverberates through our entire process, from our meticulous sourcing to the unique purple glass jar your Shilajit arrives in.

Mountaindrop’s Assurance: Double Tested, Fully Certified Shilajit

At Mountaindrop, we’re not just committed to delivering unparalleled quality and safety, but we take an extra step to prove it. In a world where health is paramount, we don’t leave your trust to words alone. Our Shilajit undergoes comprehensive third-party laboratory tests to provide the transparency you deserve when investing in your well-being.

Starting with an authenticity test, we ensure that you’re getting the real deal, not some imitation product. In an industry flooded with counterfeits, we validate the origin of our Shilajit and the integrity of its chemical structure, adhering to stringent standards.


But we don’t stop there. We understand that heavy metals, metallic elements with a high density, can be harmful, even in low concentrations. So, we meticulously conduct heavy metals tests to confirm the safety of our Shilajit.

At Mountaindrop, we raise the bar higher. We test our Shilajit not once, but twice — first in Siberia, then in the EU. And there’s more. Every batch of our Shilajit undergoes regular testing by third-party laboratories, offering an extra layer of scrutiny. This double safeguard ensures every jar of our Shilajit stays well within safe heavy metal levels.

All our products are processed and manufactured in a GMP certified process, reinforcing our commitment to exceptional quality and safety. To ensure the absence of harmful bacteria or any other harmful substances, we perform a thorough microbial test. Only after passing all these rigorous tests does a product earn our seal of approval for consumption.

This robust, transparent process demonstrates our unwavering commitment to your health and safety. When you choose Mountaindrop, you’re not just selecting a potent, pure Shilajit, but you’re also investing in a product that aligns with the highest safety standards.

We’re proud to serve you the very best from Mother Nature, backed by honest practices and solid proof.

(Here, you can find all our test results.)



At times, shilajit may harden to the point where it becomes challenging to scoop out with a spoon. This occurs due to the low humidity in the shilajit, resulting in significant water evaporation from the substance. To remedy this, simply add a few drops of purified water and let it sit for several hours. Afterward, you should be able to easily extract the shilajit from the container.


25g of MountainDrop Shilajit
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40g of MountainDrop Shilajit
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Superior Quality & Proven Origin


Mountaindrop Shilajit is 100% Natural and Pure!

The minerals in it are in ionic form, which enables better absorption into tissues. As a consequence, the potential of the substance is much higher.

We test our product regulary, to ensure we offer the best quality product on the market. You are welcome to look at the certificates.

Dissolve the product in warm, not chlorinated water, tea or milk and drink it, or take it directly and let the shilajit to dissolve in your mouth. Read more about it here.

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