Ingredients: 100% pure natural herbomineral pitch (mumio, shilajit), Chestnut honey 
Origin: Altai mountains


Mountaindrop is a brand that produces natural supplements made from high-quality botanical extracts. One of their products is a 25g sachet of a mixed botanical blend that can be added to honey to create a delicious and nutritious honey mix.

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Amount per serving:
Shilajit: 600 mg
Chestnut honey: 7400 mg


Take 1 measuring spoons (8 g) and fully dissolve in water or warm tea, with a temperature up to 39 degrees. You can also consume it directly by mouth.


Store at ambient temperature and not directly exposed to the sun.

Our quest to find the finest Shilajit took us on a global journey. Along the way, we discovered something remarkable: the journey towards health and wellbeing doesn’t end – it only gets more exciting. This realization led us to create a unique, potent blend of Shilajit and Chestnut Honey. This blend is deceptively simple yet layered with complexities – a testament to the miracles of nature.

Our blend harmoniously combines two powerful, all-natural ingredients. Shilajit, often dubbed as nature’s supercharger, contains more than 85 beneficial compounds, giving your immune system a powerful boost. Known as one of the most potent natural immune system fortifiers, Shilajit truly exemplifies the healing power of nature.

To add to this powerhouse, we introduce the rich goodness of premium Chestnut Honey. Not only does it offer stimulating health benefits, but it also graces your palate with an exquisite taste. The result? A blend that’s nothing short of perfect.

This product is a reflection of our philosophy and dedication towards promoting better health and wellbeing using natural, sustainable sources. We are immensely proud to share this excellent product with you. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and we’ve taken no shortcuts in crafting this blend – we’ve poured our heart and soul into bringing you the best nature has to offer.

Our Shilajit and Chestnut Honey blend is more than just a product. It’s an embodiment of our passion for wellness and our belief in nature’s incredible potential. Experience this extraordinary blend and join us in celebrating the bounty of nature.

Quality Sourced Honey and Premium Shilajit: A Guarantee of Purity and Excellence

When we say we bring you quality honey, we mean it. Our honey is a sweet testament to our commitment to health, quality, and sustainability. Harvested from the heart of peaceful, untouched forests, our honey is the fruit of healthy bees that prosper in a purely natural environment, far from the noise, pollution, and distractions of bustling cities.

These environments are pristine, providing a haven where our bees can thrive and produce the most nutritious honey. The trees and flowers they forage are free from pesticides and pollutants, making every drop of our honey as pure and wholesome as nature intended. This pristine environment also ensures the honey is rich in nutrients, carrying the wholesome goodness of nature in each spoonful.

The selection of our Chestnut Honey isn’t just by chance; we chose it for its unique health benefits and exquisite taste. This dark, robust honey carries a mineral-rich profile, antioxidant properties, and a myriad of other health benefits that help to boost your overall wellbeing.

And it doesn’t stop at the product level. Our beekeepers are part of our family, working in line with our sustainable practices and sharing our commitment to producing the highest quality honey. Their dedication to maintaining the health and wellbeing of the bees is instrumental in ensuring our honey remains top-notch.

Our Shilajit is equally extraordinary. Extracted from the lofty heights of the Altai Mountains, it is a rare gem that naturally appears, adorning the mountainside with a black, tar-like resin. We source it from secret spots at 3000 meters above sea level, shared with us by local inhabitants who have generations worth of knowledge about this precious substance.

We believe in keeping things pure and authentic. That’s why our Shilajit is processed using only the cleanest water, devoid of any chemical contamination. We’re passionate advocates for 100% natural Shilajit, and our commitment is to deliver the finest to you.

Adhering to rigorous GMP-certified manufacturing standards, we ensure every product meets the highest quality benchmarks. Each Shilajit batch undergoes extensive laboratory testing for heavy metals, bacteria, purity, and authenticity. We take transparency seriously, and a complete lab analysis of our Shilajit is accessible right here on our website.

Quality, purity, and sustainability are not just words to us; they’re the very essence of our work. Experience the healthful bliss of our premium honey and Shilajit blend, and feel the difference.

You can find a complete laboratory analysis of the Shilajit we sell right here.


Why Choose Chestnut Honey? Discover the Superior Choice

Chestnut Honey doesn’t just taste good – it’s packed with health benefits that set it apart. Rich in mineral content, teeming with powerful antioxidants, and boasting impressive anti-bacterial properties, this isn’t your ordinary honey.

It’s a veritable treasure trove of nutrients, loaded with calcium, manganese, and potassium, and complemented by a variety of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes. Each spoonful brings you the bounty of nature, supporting your health in multiple ways.

What’s even more impressive is its potent anti-bacterial power. Chestnut Honey has been found effective against numerous pathogenic bacteria, including those that are often responsible for dental issues. So, while it delights your taste buds, it’s also working to boost your oral health. Remember, these properties are exclusive to Chestnut Honey.

Mountaindrop’s products are a proof that nature’s finest ingredients can make a world of difference. We invite you to make that discovery for yourself, to experience the transformative power of our unique blend, right in the comfort of your home.

Our Shilajit and Chestnut Honey product isn’t just a dietary supplement; it’s a symbol of our passion for wellness and our deep belief in the extraordinary potential of nature. Experience this remarkable product and join us in embracing the incredible bounty of nature.

Our blend is a fantastic dietary supplement, but remember, it isn’t intended to replace a balanced and diverse diet. Keep it out of children’s reach and stick to the recommended daily intake. After enjoying our product for three weeks, we recommend taking a one-week break. If you’re pregnant, nursing, or under any health treatment, make sure to consult your doctor before starting any new supplement.

Superior Quality & Proven Origin


Mountaindrop Shilajit is 100% Natural and Pure!

The minerals in it are in ionic form, which enables better absorption into tissues. As a consequence, the potential of the substance is much higher.

We test our product regulary, to ensure we offer the best quality product on the market. You are welcome to look at the certificates.

Dissolve the product in warm, not chlorinated water, tea or milk and drink it, or take it directly and let the shilajit to dissolve in your mouth. Read more about it here.

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