Mountaindrop organic Kombucha 12 x 330ml

100% pure natural herbomineral pitch (mumio, shilajit)
Shilajit’s origin: the Altai mountains


The bottle contains 330ml of Kombucha mixed with 200MG of our premium quality original Mountaindrop® Shilajit.

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1 can:
Shilajit: 200 mg


Take 1 – 3 cans per day.


Store at ambient temperature and not directly exposed to the sun.


When we designed this drink, we had one thing on our mind. And that is how it will affect our health.

Naturally, we decided that kombucha was the only true answer. Since our company primarily focuses on Shilajit, a substance used from ancient times, kombucha falls right into that category. 

Kombucha is made via a fermentation process, one of the oldest food preparation processes in history.

Stretching back as far as human history itself, the origins of fermentation are hard to track down. However, historians have traced signs of fermentation in food and beverage preparation dating back to 7000 BC. Almost every culture and geography appears to have embraced fermentation for millennia. People have been teaming up with natural microbes for much longer than we know!

Fermentation can also increase the availability of vitamins and minerals for our bodies to absorb. Additionally, by boosting the beneficial bacteria in your gut, you are promoting their ability to manufacture B vitamins and synthesize vitamin K.

A large proportion of the immune system is housed in the gut, and a lot of scientific research has linked a healthy gut to better overall health. 

Kombucha is a traditional fermented tea whose consumption has increased in recent years due to its multiple functional properties such as anti-inflammatory potential and antioxidant activity.

Believe us when we tell you that we get an extraordinary product when we combine it with Shilajit. It is made with tea, sugar and fermented with a Scoby (symbiotic-culture-of-bacteria-and-yeast).
In this process, the tea transforms from a plain sweet tea to a tea that is literally full of life.


As we mentioned, Mountaindrop kombucha is made from fermented sencha tea. This is a very pleasant green tea. The mild vegetal flavors with light accents of citrus 

Sencha tea may enhance physical performance, boost energy levels, improve mental focus, help you lose body fat, and even boost your immune system! It also has significant antioxidant properties, which make it seems to lower cholesterol. Impressive list, right?

And if this wasn’t enough, with the help of fermentation, Mountaindrop Kombucha transforms into the perfect drink. Good for your health and gut, it proves once again why it’s been used for human consumption since ancient times. Now is the perfect chance if you ever want to try what this magical bubbly drink tastes like.

All of the flavors in Mountaindrop Kombucha come from organic pieces of mint and lime. It is lightly carbonated, preservatives free and comes in an easy to open glass bottle.


Since Shilajit is traditionally mixed with a beverage, we used this chance to create the perfect drink. This way, we successfully combined sencha tea’s health benefits, fermentation products, and Shilajit. Sounds perfect, right? 

Shilajit is an ancient herbal substance and medicine that contains over eighty-five minerals and trace elements the human body needs to function optimally for those of you who are not familiar with it. Shilajit has been consumed for thousands of years in Asia because of the many benefits it provides.

From boosting cognitive and mental functions, which plays a significant role in basically everything, we do in our daily lives to supporting physical, emotional, and spiritual processes.


Getting you the best quality of 100% pure Shilajit can be guaranteed at Mountaindrop since we gladly provide all the necessary certificates required to make such a statement.

All of our Shilajit is extracted using the purest water without using any chemical compounds. We are firm believers in 100% natural Shilajit and will gladly continue our mission of delivering the best Shilajit possible. 

All of our Shilajit is also tested for heavy metals, bacteria, and authenticity.


We live in times when our health has never been more critical, and we’re just glad that we can do our small part in this. This way, our mission of selling the best possible Shilajit has been achieved through honesty and safe practices. And we couldn’t be more proud. Because your health matters!

For all of you who want to taste this natural perfection that we call Mountaindrop Kombucha, it is available to order in 12 x 330 ml bottles. Each bottle contains 200mg (required daily dose) of our premium quality original Mountaindrop Shilajit.


Water, green tea with lime flavor* <2 %, mint* <2 %, shilajit, sugar*, carbon dioxide, kombucha culture.

 *certified organic production

The recommended daily intake should not be exceeded. After three weeks of intake, a one-week break is recommended. If you are pregnant or lactating or under a doctor’s care for any health condition, you should consult your physician before taking this or any other supplement.

A dietary supplement can not be used as a substitute for a well-balanced and diverse diet. Keep out of reach of children.

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