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저는 취미로 테니스를 치는데 가끔씩 테니스 후 근육이 뭉쳐 당길때가 있습니다. 마운틴드롭 복용 후에는 근육당김이 덜해졌고 몸도 가벼워졌습니다.



마운틴드롭 복용 후에 몸이 전보다 가벼워졌습니다. 앞으로도 계속 복용할 예정입니다.


Health issues

마운틴드롭을 복용한 이후로 야근을 하는 날에 크게 피곤하지 않게 되었습니다. 집중도 더 잘 되었고 몸상태도 전보다 나아졌습니다.



처음, 마운틴드롭 복용은 냄새때문에 약간 힘들었습니다. 그렇지만 저는 복용방법에 나온대로 물에 녹여 꿀을 섞어 마셨습니다. 가끔은 차에 녹여 마셨습니다. 복용 후 몸이 한결 가벼워짐을 느꼈습니다.



처음 냄새를 맡았을 때, 크게 좋은 냄새는 아니었습니다. 이후 저는 물에 녹여 마셨고 컨디션이 전보다 더 나아졌습니다.



I am an active athlete and coach in Martial Arts (MMA, Systema and Calistenic exercise). I usually start with my trainings at 6 am. Before I started using mountaindrop, I was functioning with decreased activity, especially mental. This month I`ve regularly started taking mountaindrop and about 15 minutes after ingestion I feel mentally more capable. It also reflects upon my trainings and I have more enthusiasm to it.

Ivo Žižek

Mental wellbeing, Sport

My friend recommended mountaindrop to me as something that could help with my prostate problems, which I have had for the past few years. After taking mountaindrop for three weeks, the difficulty I experienced when urinating decreased. My stomach fat has reduced, as well as an overall proportion of body fat. This makes me very happy! I am sure that mountaindrop has helped me, as I experienced its positive effect from the first day of using it. I am definitely going to keep using it in future, too.

Zoran Voloder

Health issues

I was introduced to mountaindrop by my friend Saska, who gave it to me as a gift. After first taking it, I already experienced higher levels of energy and strength. My general wellbeing has improved, as well as my metabolism and I feel more psychological and physical strength. The health of my skin has improved and I feel more energetic in the morning when I wake up, as well as during the day. I take mountaindrop at particular time intervals and recommend it to everyone. I am very happy and thankful that l was introduced to this soothing resin. I hope more people will use it, as it is completely natural product and contains no chemicals.

Sašo Slavkovič

Beauty, Health issues, Mental wellbeing

I did some experiments with Mountaindrop, using it in on wounds. The result was excellent! The skin of my clients was much more nourished and the wounds healed much faster. I definitely recommend it!

João Antunes

Beauty, Health issues

I felt a big difference when I started to take Mountaindrop. I had more energy to teach my yoga classes and my mental capacities increased. I couldn’t sleep on the first day I took it, because I took it in the afternoon. On the next day, I took it in the morning and I didn’t have any more problems sleeping. I advise that you take Mountaindrop in the morning!

Ricardo Viegas

Mental wellbeing, Sport

In the last year my lifestyle has changed a lot. Besides my work, I have plenty of other obligations. I am a father of 2 children and they are both athletes. I have to drive them to their activities, help them with studies and keep everything in order at our home. I am active in many sports myself as well, so I have 4 – 5 trainings a week (running, biking, and table tennis). I have found mountaindrop a month ago. After a week of consuming it I have noticed first changes in my wellbeing and sports results. I had more energy and therefore, I easily ran over long distances – up to 21 km. I also had more power along with higher pulse (175 BMP). Since taking mountaindrop, I am more focused and motivated in my life, to participate in different activities. I have noticed that even the other food that I am eating, have better and richer taste. I feel like my body is detoxing and I have more sensitive perception system. I am grateful that mountaindrop has crossed my path.

Tone Z.

Mental wellbeing, Sport

When I read something about the diverse use of Mountaindrop, the thing seemed very interesting to me, so I decided to try it. As I am a personal trainer and always want to offer the best deal to my clients, including dietary supplements, I usually try all the products by myself first. Just to see if it really works. Only after few days of consuming it, I have noticed a big change and improvement in my metabolism. My concentration and energy levels have increased, and I no longer experience sudden drops in my blood sugar levels. I was even able to complete a high intensity training session before breakfast, after drinking only Mountaindrop. I felt excellent and had plenty of energy. As I have noticed the biggest improvement in my metabolism, I recommend it to all the people who have issues with excessive body weight and lack of energy. I have been participating in sports for all my life and I know there is a flood of different dietary supplements on the market. Therefore, I know how important is to choose the best option. Mountaindrop, in its pure original form is definitely one of those products which is worth to have it. Also the price is affordable for everyone.

Tomaz P.

Health issues, Mental wellbeing, Sport

저는 체중감량을 위해 운동도 자주 해왔습니다. 하지만 큰 진전은 안보였고 그러던 중, 마운틴드롭을 발견하게 되었습니다. 운동과 마운틴드롭 복용을 함께 하니 운동을 할 때 에너지도 더 생기고 체중감량에 도움도 되었습니다.


Health issues

저는 마운틴드롭 복용시 물에 녹인 후 꿀과 섞어 마셨습니다. 이렇게 섞어마시니 괜찮았고 복용 후에는 운동을 할 때 컨디션이 더 좋았습니다.



요즘 저는 체중감량을 위해 노력하고 있습니다. 마운틴드롭이 체중 정상화에 도움이 된다는 이야기를 듣고 복용을 시작했습니다. 마운틴드롭 복용과 함께 운동도 병행했습니다. 이후 체중감량을 했고 마운틴드롭이 말한것처럼 정말 도움이 되었습니다.



회사동료가 추천해줘서 마운틴드롭을 접하게 되었습니다. 내용물은 매우 점성이 강한 거의 검정에 가까운 갈색이었습니다. 저는 물에 녹이지 않고 그냥 복용했습니다.



I have been taking Mountaindrop now for a few weeks. Not daily because I tend to forget it at times, but pretty constantly. After half an hour after taking the strong tasting drops, I feel more energy flowing through my body. I noticed a clearer mind as well and it helps after a hangover 😉 I recommend it.


Mental wellbeing

Mountaindrop has brought me many positive results. Currently I am staring a new business and need many new ideas about how my products and services will get into the market. After using Mountaindrop, I immediately felt an improvement in my thinking where this is concerned. My thoughts are more focused and I am able to easily focus on several areas. In addition, I also do martial arts training. In this area, I have also noticed positive changes as a result of using Mountaindrop. My regeneration after trainings is better, I have more motivation for undergoing training and it is easier to get up in the mornings.

Andrej Vertelj

Mental wellbeing, Sport

I have known about mountaindrop for quite a long time and am happy that it is now also available in Slovenia. I have grown used to the taste; I actually even like it now. I also use it as an ointment for scars, as doing so makes them heal faster. The resin has a great effect on bruises and insect bites (among children), and I personally notice significant effects on inflamed gums, as well as other inflammations (internal and external) in general. At home, we all use this magic resin from the Russian mountains. When somebody is injured, the first thing at hand is mountaindrop.

Mihael Voglar

Beauty, Health issues

I began taking mountaindrop at the recommendation of a friend, after becoming ill. She recommended using the resin after experiencing an increase in her immunity and noticing an impact in terms of her energy levels. After a few weeks of taking mountaindrop, I began to notice its effect. Despite the illness that had previously sapped much of my energy, I now feel good and have enough energy for everyday tasks, as well as sports.

Lado Krasovec

Health issues, Sport

I tried mountaindrop during one month, every day before breakfast. I felt better, with more physical strength and less tired. As a surf instructor that is very important, because it helps me to manage my energy during the trainings and surf classes I teach.

Mario Matos

Mental wellbeing, Sport

After 3 weeks of taking mountaindrop, my wellbeing and mental abilities have improved. I easily focus on the work that I am doing in the company. Besides that I still have enough energy for running, education and myself. I have even started to wake up at 5:05, instead of 5:35. I also did a mineral test, before and after. My situation has improved, regarding to the fact I had a lack of them before. Great stuff, it works. Thanks to the nature.


Mental wellbeing, Sport

I have to admit I had some troubles drinking the very first, otherwise regular doses, because of its specific and to me, unpleasant taste. In time I started to take it with water and honey. The advantage of mountaindrop is personal choice of dosing it and many possibilities of use. Only after few days, I felt an incredible resistance during my trainings. Considering that I was only at the beginning of my sport preparations, I was surprised by the resistance and durability, I was supposed to feel only later with the trainings. Comparing my results with previous years I have noticed a big improvement. Of course, I was very satisfied with the outcome. Fast regeneration and increased energy are the best tools for success.

Andrej Bivic


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