An image of four drops of water that represent refreshness.



An image of four drops of water that represent refreshness.

We could easily say that Shilajit is truly a gift of nature. After all, its packed with vitamins and minerals while exhibiting numerous healthy effects on our body and mind. To achieve that, certain steps and procedures need to be taken before we can deliver the final product to your door. We already posted a two-part blog about extensive research on Shilajit’s origin, which can be found here (PART 1) and here (PART 2). With that being said, we can just skip the creation part and go straight to the actual process of collecting and cleaning Shilajit. So, where to start?


Mountaindrop Shilajit


As you can imagine, harvesting Shilajit is not easy. The creation of it has been going on for millions of years and in the harsh conditions of Altai mountains where this amazing natural substance is slowly oozing out of the mountain rocks at almost 3000m above sea level. That means that collecting Shilajit is anything but easy. The locals know about special places where this black resin covers the steep mountainside that simultaneously offer quiet a spectacular view. In some cases, Shilajit passes trough rocks back in to the mountain where it pools inside a cave or a crevice. People have reported that Mumio Shilajit can form in such a thick mass, that it starts forming stalagmites and even forms large pools of this rich crusty resin. Sites like this provide the main source of Shilajit for locals to collect the best possible natural resin.

Altai mountains


Naturally, when Shilajit is harvested in the form of a thick resin high in the mountains, it contains quite a substantial bit of unwanted impurities. Dirt, rocks, plant residue and everything else quickly catches in this sticky resin, so certain steps must be taken if we want to end up with a clean and safe product. Naturally, purification with clean spring water is the first logical step. Why? Because Mumio Shilajit is highly water soluble and by submerging it in water in about 5:1 ratio, all the unwanted impurities rise to the top. This process takes several hours where we keep Shilajit in this solution at a certain temperature, thus ensuring a clear separation of Shilajit from the impurities. Its very important to use the cleanest possible water, since it plays a mayor role in the final quality of the product. Mountaindrop Shilajit is cleaned with pure spring water, ensuring longevity and a very clean final product.

So, at this point, we’re one step closer to the sticky resin you (hopefully) have in your hands, which brings us to another problem…How to separate the water-Shilajit solution? After all, the impurities that have risen to the top still need to be removed. This step contains pouring the mixture trough a number of finer and finer filter until we end up with purified mixture of Shilajit and water…needless to say, this process remained basically unchanged since ancient times, the only difference is the fact that nowadays we use modern filtration systems.


Clean spring water


After purification, we’re left with this mixture of Shilajit and clean water. So, to achieve the thick sticky resin that we find in our jars, a drying process is much needed in order to concentrate our Shilajit. Because the vitamins and minerals commonly found in Shilajit can be damaged with heath, the drying process should be handled with care and precision.

What do we mean by that? Some manufacturers try to speed up the drying process and just boil the Shilajit-water mixture until it thickens to the desired density. This damages the nutritional value of this substance since many of its components are not very heat resistant, which leads to reduced potency of Shilajit…which means that we get an inferior product.

The right way to do this is to dry the Shilajit-water mixture for a prolonged period of time on lower temperatures, no higher than 40°C. This way, we manage to preserve its bio-potential without damaging any of its numerous nutrients. We believe that a quality product should not be rushed and make sure that comes through with every single jar of Mumio Shilajit we send out.


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Other aggregate states or forms (like powder, tablets, etc.) require the processing of the raw ingredient and adding other substances, including chlorinated water. During this processing, the substance loses its precious properties and energy, which has also been proved by a dowser measuring its purity and biofield. The perfection of nature lies in its simplicity. When we modify the fruits it offers, we also modify their primordial essence, which can do more harm than good.
Shilajit powder

We always stick by the fact, that Shilajit is a 100% pure natural substance. That’s why we never use chemical compounds, clean it only with pure spring water, and then finally hand-pack it in high-quality purple glass jars. We believe mother nature gave us an amazing gift that should be respected and treated with respect…and we hope, that our final products show that.

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