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The revolution of the extraordinary power of Mumie Shilajit

The positive effects of the serum’s leading ingredient Mumie Shilajit go far back. Mumie, which is primarily used as one of the most complete and all-natural nutrients, is also known as a super revitalizer. This resinous substance originates from the hard-to-reach mountain areas of the Altai Mountains. The traditional Indian medicine Ayurveda considers it the most powerful natural remedy, as it contains 60-70 active substances of organic and inorganic origin, as well as all the trace elements essential to the human body.

A sculpted body is no longer a myth

Many years of experience with the positive effects of shilajit as a dietary supplement and its exceptional mechanisms affect all organs of the body have encouraged reflection on its effects on the largest human organ – the skin. The use of this revitalizer and biostimulator for cosmetic purposes has been largely unexplored so far.

The first research was conducted in 2013, when we combined a completely natural form of the resin with coconut butter, creating the first test sample you could apply to your body. During the development process, several natural ingredients were added to shilajit and tested the effect of the mixture on the reduction of fat deposits and the appearance of orange peel skin with the help of test groups.

A 100% natural product and so effective?

In the course of research, we found that certain natural ingredients form a perfect synergy together with shilajit and further enhance its action. Rosemary, menthol, chili, caffeine, citrus, cypress … and last but not least: TIMILINE® – a slimming agent that penetrates the nucleus of adipocytes or fat cells. In the most recent tests (below) conducted at the end of 2019, the results exceeded our expectations and led to the creation of a revolutionary product that we can offer you today! The product is 100% natural and proudly carries the Ecogea Organic certificate.

And if you have a choice, wouldn’t you choose the best version of yourself?

Survey results

128 volunteers of both sexes of different ages were included in the last sample testing. During the testing, the volunteers were not allowed to alter their usual eating habits, exercise routines, or fluid intake. The Bodyshape Revival Serum was applied twice a day for five consecutive weeks and no other body care products were used during this period.

The purpose of the last testing was to obtain feedback based on which Mountaindrop has formed recommendations for using the serum to achieve the best effects possible.

Predominant serum activity

At the end of the five-week period, the testees evaluated their satisfaction with the effects of the serum. 87.6% reported visible results, while some were disturbed by its characteristic heating and cooling effect, and consequently did not use the serum regularly and thus no significant changes were detected. In this test, we also assessed the serum’s most predominant effect.

The serum has been shown to act on skin smoothness and tightness, reducing fat deposits and cellulite, with the greatest effect on reducing fat deposits. Some testees also felt an overall beneficial effect of the serum on the body. Namely, the skin is also a human organ through which the natural active ingredients are absorbed into the lower layers of the skin itself. The extraordinary healing power of Mumie Shilajit, which is otherwise used as a dietary supplement, has thus found its place in a cosmetic product as well.


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Typical effects of the serum with respect to time of use

Throughout the five-week period, we monitored how testees perceived the effects of the serum after individual weeks of use.

The condition of the fat deposits began to decline quite rapidly, with the effect increasing in direct proportion to the time of use. The testees noticed the biggest and fastest changes around the waist. The elimination of orange peel appereance, however, took place differently among individuals. The appearance of orange peel skin or cellulite generally occurs as a change in connective tissue associated with structural changes in the subcutaneous tissue. The degree and type of cellulite can vary from individual to individual. It can also affect man, mostly in the abdomen area. In many testees, the active and deep action of the serum after 2 weeks of use resulted in a larger amount of orange peel skin on the surface, which visibly smoothed after 4 weeks. Due to its active action of key ingredients, the serum triggered a natural process of skin renewal, which takes place from the deeper layers towards the upper visible part.

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In the analysis, the testees were divided into 3 key groups:
Group 1: the first effects of the serum have been visible in less than 2 weeks
Group 2: the first effects of the serum have been visible in 2 to 3 weeks
Group 3: the first effects of the serum have been visible after 4 weeks


We were interested in the specifics of all three groups and how they affect the rate of the first effects of the serum. We compared their established eating habits (I do not pay attention to a healthy diet, I am moderate, I am very careful), sufficient intake of unsweetened drinks (up to 1 liter a day, 1-3 liters a day) and sports activities.


Main research findings:

  • Eating habits: On average, there were no differences in the eating habits of those who detected the serum’s results earlier and those who detected the results later on.
  • Adequate fluid intake (water or unsweetened tea): On average, there were no differences in the fluid intake of those who detected serum’s results earlier and those who detected the results later on.
  • Sports activities: When we compared all three groups with each other, we found out that those who are more active perceive the serum’s results earlier. It should be noted that all testees also applied their daily routine during the testing period. The influence of sports activities on the activation and consequently the most effective functioning of the serum was further investigated.


Influence of sports activities on the serum’s activity

First we compared the satisfaction with the serum’s effects with any form of sports activity relative to the entire sample. It should be noted that the testees did not change their general habits regarding physical activity during the testing. Only in this way, measurements of the serum’s effects could be relevant.


Satisfaction with the effects of the serum is significantly higher in those who are generally physically active. However, the amount of time devoted to any form of sports activity did not significantly affect the speed of the first visible results. It is true that the group that observed the results at the latest devoted the least time to weekly sports activities (on average 3 hours a week), but the group that observed the results first (in less than 2 weeks) was not the one that devoted most of her time to sports activities. In general, for the whole sample, we can say that the average number of hours spent for sports activities per week is relatively low, which means that sports activity is not a condition for the serum’s effect. However, we will show below that a certain sports activity is one that will further increase the effectiveness of the serum.

Therefore, we investigated in more detail the type of sports activity of individual test groups. Sports activities were divided into the following groups:

  • occasional light activities (hiking, dancing, yoga …),
  • longer cardio activities (running, hiking, cycling …),
  • exclusively strength exercises (fitness),
  • combination: cardio activities + strength exercises + *HIIT workouts (shorter interval workouts).

*High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a workout with exchanging high-speed, power, and explosive intervals with low-intensity or rest intervals. The most characteristic is e.g. interval running or Tabata (simple exercises for self-weight strength or fast explosive exercises at intervals: 20 seconds of intense exercise and 10 seconds of rest).

We found that 78.7% of those who noticed results first (in less than 2 weeks) used a combination of cardio activity, strength training and HIIT trainings. At the same time, the presence of longer cardio activities in the group with the latest results was the highest (37.5% compared to the remaining 3 types of activities).

Shorter intense workouts rather than longer exercises

In the following, we wanted to concretely determine which type of activity contributes the most to the functioning or activation of the serum. For each of the three groups of testees, we checked in more detail which activities they are engaged in within individual types of activities. We found out that the biggest difference is in HIIT trainings (short interval trainings).


In the first group, which observed the serum’s results first (in less than 2 weeks), the engagement in HIIT trainings was the highest (50%), while in the last group it was the lowest (37%).


Characteristic heating and cooling effect due to serum activation

We were also interested in the connections with the characteristic heating and cooling action of the serum and the serums’s visible effects. This time, we divided the testees into those who noticed more visible changes after a period of five weeks, and those who noticed fewer changes after using the serum.


As many as 78.3% of the testees who were more satisfied with the results felt the heating and cooling effect, while it was felt only by 37.5% of the less satisfied testees.


Summaries of open-ended questions regarding the heating and cooling effect:

  • “I’ve noticed the serum warms me up more if I apply it before any form of activity.”
  • “I applied the serum before my activity. I got cold right right after the application. This effect stopped during the activity, but when I took a shower after the activity, it warmed me up after that. “
  • “I applied the serum every morning (and of course in the evening as well). I have noticed that a moderate tingling sensation also appears later in the day when I am at least a little physically active. As if the action were reactivated by itself. ”
  • “Sometimes the serum warms me up, sometimes it cools me down, sometimes none of that. But I’m sure something is going on. 🙂 «
  • »A slightly burning sensation is a bit uncomfortable at times, but at least I’m sure I finally have a product that works! This can also be seen in my results.”

*The presence of a heating and cooling effect also depends on the general condition of the skin. Sooner it will appear on dry and sensitive skin. As the serum works in depth, its effect also depends on the general state of each individual’s metabolism.

Based on our tests conducted since 2013, and based on the results, we have prepared answers to all of your questions and recommendations, dear customers, for the use of the serum in order to get the best results possible!