This is our fourth blog on amino acids in Shilajit and probably the last one. We explored this previously rather unknown aspect of Shilajit and we learned a lot. If you feel like reading about glycine or glutamine in Shilajit, just click on the attached links. If you’re new to amino acids and are not exactly sure what they are and what role they play in your body, this blog is for you. That being said, we decided that we should end this blog series about amino acids with a particular amino acid called arginine. It’s very versatile in the functions and roles it plays, so it’s only fair that we give it the attention it deserves, before we move on to different topics in the next blog. It must be said, that while all these amino acids certainly bring many beneficial effects to the table, Shilajit’s potency doesn’t come strictly from amino acids. If anything, it’s more known for its other ingredients, but amino acids bring a lot to the table nonetheless. That being said, let’s learn something about arginine, shall we?



If you’re one of those people that have an interest in nutrition in general, sports, and supplements, then you probably heard about arginine. This amino acid is what we would consider ‘’semi-essential’’. This means that because it’s not essential under normal circumstances, but maybe in certain situations. A good example is arginines role in children’s growth, yet it is nonessential for healthy adults. It can mostly be found in meat products such as turkey breast, pork loin, and chicken, but also in dairy and pumpkin seeds, peanuts, chickpeas, and lentils. The vegetable sources contain much less arginine, so supplementing arginine would be a smart decision for vegans or vegetarians.

If you’re wondering how arginine works, the following explanation sums it up nicely. L-arginine is converted in the body into a chemical called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide causes blood vessels to open wider for improved blood flow. L-arginine also stimulates the release of growth hormone, insulin, and other substances in the body. Of course, the exact chemical process in the body is much more complicated, so this will be more than enough.

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  2. There are several different studies about its effect on our health, so we just collected the most ‘’useful’’ ones. Firstly, high blood pressure (hypertension) control. Recent research has shown that oral L-arginine can lower blood pressure in healthy people, people with mild blood pressure elevation and diabetes, and in people with a type of high blood pressure that affects the arteries in the lungs and the right side of the heart (pulmonary hypertension). Infusions of L-arginine also appear to lower blood pressure in people with hypertension. It also reduces pregnancy-related hypertension, a risk factor for both the expecting mother and the unborn child. Some evidence shows that arginine may help improve blood flow in the arteries of the heart. That may improve symptoms of clogged arteries, chest pain or angina, and coronary artery disease. However, there currently is no data on how the long-term use of arginine affects cholesterol or heart health.

    Since arginine may help arteries relax and improve blood flow, it may also help with erectile dysfunction. And since it’s used by many athletes as a sports supplement, we must mention the fact, that It boosts lean muscle mass and preserves bone density by encouraging HGH production, which also leads to a reduction in fatty tissue. Because of these properties, it may be useful in weight management and strength training. It is one thousand times more powerful than any naturally occurring antioxidant in the body. Arginine`s antioxidant properties support various body systems and may protect against heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes, as well as slowing premature aging. There are other potential health benefits with arginine, such as improved walking distance in patients with intermittent leg cramping and weakness known as intermittent claudication. However, the scientific studies are not conclusive enough for experts to make any firm recommendations.

    Keep in mind, that there is much more research needed to truly understand arginine, so before you decide to supplement with arginine to heal any illness or problem, we insist you consult with your doctor and don’t consider this blog as medical advice.

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  4. Like we stated in the beginning, a healthy adult should make and consume enough arginine to cover all of their needs. Of course, a healthy and good diet is not always that easily achievable, so supplementing it bit by bit with Shilajit is a nice touch. It certainly doesn’t contain nearly as much arginine, that it could cause any unwanted side effects, so we think it’s just a brilliant addition to what is already a nutrient-packed natural ‘’health bomb’’.

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