An image of four drops of water that represent refreshness.

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An image of four drops of water that represent refreshness.
An image of the founder of Mountaindrop Shilajit Peter Babarović

Welcome to our website! We founded our natural product store in 2010. Our team consists of professionals and enthusiasts dedicated to spreading the knowledge on a healthy way of life, wholesome food and personal growth at local and international levels. Our team consists of a professional sportsman (aikido teacher) also lecturing internationally on management and communication, a BSc geologist, a radiesthesist, a licensed nutritionist and many more. We are constantly on a lookout for high-quality natural and Earth-friendly products from all over the world. However, we are only ready to put an item up for sale after subjecting it to our own thorough tests and analyses, and if we can recommend it on the basis of our personal satisfaction. Mother Nature has so many beautiful creations to offer for us to be able to live a life of quality. If we observe her laws, our lives can be healthy and fulfilling far into our golden years.

Shilajit or mumie was one of the most amazing discoveries on our global journey in the recent years. We started to research the properties of this mysterious mountain pitch and found that it has formed an important part of many renowned traditional healing practices for thousands of years. Shilajit is almost considered a kind of panacea, but also extremely rare. The remote places where it can be found are few and far between. The sellers of shilajit in its natural form, however, are rarer still; they can actually be counted upon the fingers of one hand!

Our geologist acquired shilajit or mumio samples from various parts of the world and tested them. We also examined them by means of radiesthetic measurements, which enabled us to select the one with highest energy level and the purest biofield. We also performed laboratory analyses in accordance with the EU regulations. The results were positive, also according to the strict standards required by the EU for the products of this kind. We also acquired the statement on the safety of consumption issued by the Russian Federation.

How to describe this wonder of nature, the drops of age-old pitch slowly oozing from inside the mountain and covering the rocks like black velvet dew? The name came up all by itself – perhaps from a drop of this elixir that gives such a boost of life? MOUNTAINDROP Shilajit.

A renowned Slovenian academy-trained painter and designer provided the name with an energy symbol for a further increase of the product’s energy levels and the purity of its biofield. The product is packed in special jars made of violet glass. The glass prevents the contact of harmful light rays with the contents, thus preserving their original properties. The packaging bears a gold bow in the form of the infinity sign, a symbol of the analemma – the movement of the Sun as observed from a specific point on Earth every day at the same time throughout the year.

For MOUNTAINDROP Shilajit to be accessible to various parts of the world, we are grateful for the contribution of our linguistic and technical teams. We are also looking for international sales representatives. Perhaps you would like to join us as well?

We are proud of our discoveries made over the years. The perfection of nature can enable us to develop our highest potentials in a variety of areas. Many people have seen their lives thoroughly changed with the discovery of this black mountain pitch. It has made many people very happy on their way to a more healthy and fulfilling life and thoroughly surpassed our own personal expectations. We are proud to share our findings and success with you as well. So here it is – MOUNTAINDROP!

Peter Babarović, MSc, CEO of BTI KI TRENING d.o.o.

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