Mountaindrop Shilajit is an ancient herbal substance that contains over eighty-five minerals, elements and other beneficial ingredients the human body needs to function optimally. Shilajit has been consumed for thousands of years in Asia and regarded as the ultimate revitalizer. From boosting cognitive and mental functions to supporting physical, emotional, and spiritual processes. Experience the power of nature in a single drop. 

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Are you looking for high-quality Shilajit that you can trust?

Look no further than Mountaindrop. Our commitment to purity means that we deliver only the best 100% pure, natural, and authentic Shilajit.

We understand that finding pure and high-quality Shilajit can be challenging, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure that every batch of our Shilajit undergoes rigorous laboratory analysis. We test for heavy metals, bacteria, purity, and authenticity to ensure that our customers receive only the best.

At Mountaindrop, quality is our top priority, which is why we manufacture all our products using a GMP-certified process. This certification is proof of our commitment to following strict regulations and obligations.

But don’t just take our word for it – our satisfied customers speak for themselves. With an excellent Trustpilot score, you can trust that our products will meet your expectations.

Experience the benefits of 100% pure and natural Shilajit with Mountaindrop. Order now and feel the difference.

  Discover outstanding products combined with our premium shilajit

Because shilajit enhances the potential of other superfoods, we combined it with some of the best gifts that mother Nature provides.
The result is a unique selection of finest and outstanding products that you can see below.

Shilajit of Superior Quality & Proven Origin

Eternal Nectar


All the benefits of shilajit with a fantastic taste!

With MD Honey+ you will experience:

powerful antioxidant properties
– antibacterial properties
– strengthened muscle & bones

MD Energy Bar

MD energy bar


Pure, genuine and 100% natural shilajit offers many benefits to our health. Among other medicinal substances, Shilajit contains 85 vitamins and minerals, amino acids, fulvic acid, hippuric acid, phospholipids, DCP and DBP, 60 macro and micro elements and an effective phytocomplex.

Super Root



High Potency Perfection!

MD Ashwagandha Plus will help you:

– with anxiety
– with sleep problems
– better mental, physical and emotional relaxation
– maintain energy levels
– build muscle mass

and Mountaindrop Shilajit will enhance this spectacularly!

Mighty Potion

New MountainDrop Kombucha. with improved taste and looks.


All the benefits of shilajit with a fantastic taste!

Natural fermentation drink with a great taste and all the benefits of Mountaindrop Shilajit.

Fat & Cellulite Removal that actually works*

Bodyshape product


BodyShape Revival will help you:

– improve skin structure
– eliminate and prevent cellulite
– maintain a slim figure
– maintain a youthful apperance

Best results guaranted because of proven herbs mixed with our premium Mountaindrop Shilajit, and all this with an Organic certificate!

*Proven efficiency by testing it on over 100 individuals.

Perfect Soap

for your Skin

Bodyshape product


Elixir soap will help you with:

– smoother and softer skin
firmness and elasticity of the skin
– nicer skin

Elixir soap nourishes your skin and helps it keep smooth and soft after every washing. It contains carefuly chosen natural ingredients, enriched with our premium Mountaindrop Shilajit.

Plant Based Energy Drink

– Energy boost without side effects

– 100% natural flavors and ingredients

– Added magnesium citrate

– Colorants and preservatives free

– With added high-quality Mountaindrop Shilajit

Bodyshape product





Proof of Mountaindrop Excellence

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