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Shilajit – Go beyond your potential

MOUNTAINDROP Shilajit is a natural resin-like substance that exudes from the unspoiled slopes of the Altai mountains. In the thousands of years of its creation, this ‘mountain pitch’ gets highly enriched with minerals, vitamins, and other vital properties


We produce hemp resin in an old natural way from trichomes.Because of this ancient natural way of production, we can ensure that we get the best results: a full spectrum of at least 148 cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes and chlorophyll.

We do not use herbicides, fungicides and insecticides for plants. The feeding of microorganisms in the soil is natural without the presence of chemicals.

Serum care with shilajit for treating cellulite

Mountaindrop Bodyshape Revival

Intensive serum care for reshaping & against cellulite

Mountaindrop anti-cellulite serum is a natural anti-cellulite and firming gel for reshaping the thighs, buttocks and abdomen in men and women.

Due to the rich in balanced content of plant extracts and active ingredients, it works ultimately firming and on several levels. First, it helps care against the orange appearance of the skin. In addition, the skin is more supple and firm to the touch after only a few uses.

Organic Mountaindrop Kombucha with added Shilajit


Kombucha is naturally fermented tea, based on a fermented organic green tea with kombucha cultures (bacteria and yeast).

Our kombucha is infused with our premium quality original Mountaindrop Shilajit to give you that extra boost you need for your day!

Flavor and color originate only from pieces of organic mint and lime tea.


We traveled the world in search of the best Shilajit possible. And when we found it, we realized that our journey doesn’t end here. Naturally, this beautiful mixture of Shilajit and Chestnut honey was born. It brings together the best nature has to offer, creating an amazingly powerful mixture. You already know about all the wonderful beneficial effects of Shilajit and they work wonders with the potent effects of Chestnut honey.

MOUNTAINDROP SOAP with Shilajit 100g

We believe that products like this should not be made by a machine. That’s why every piece of soap is handmade in a cold process, ensuring the highest quality of our product.

We stand behind it and want the love for what we do shine through each and every piece we send out.

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Twelve glass bottles of kombucha. that is mixed with pure quality premium shilajit


Twelve glass bottles of kombucha. that is mixed with pure quality premium shilajit


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Bodyshape product


Shilajit Superior Quality & Proven Origin

Experience the Magic of Mighty Nature

Since ancient times Mother Nature has given human beings incredible gifts. One of them is a special drop that emerges from the Altai Mountains. After experiencing its effects, nothing will be the same again.

Pure and authentic Shilajit supports your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual functions allowing you to go beyond your potential. It is lovingly hand-harvested and handcrafted in a special violet glass container that preserves the drop in its original form. This guarantees that you get the best quality as it was naturally meant to be.

Enjoy the incredible gift of Mountaindrop!

MOUNTAINDROP is a natural high-altitude substance known as mumio (moomiyo), mumie, asphaltum or shilajit. This herbomineral nectar gradually oozes from cracks in the rock at an altitude of more than 3000m above sea level.

Image shows an open jar of Mountaindrop Shilajit

Harvesting Altitude

Beneficial Nutrients


Amino + Fulvic Acids

Sometimes, it takes just one single thing to make a change. It takes that first drop, the turning point after which nothing will be the same again.

The MOUNTAINDROP dietary supplement is that very drop!

Shilajit description and chemical composition

Modern research shows that Mumio Shilajit is a complex substance in its chemical structure, formed in some mountain regions of the world (with specific characteristics). In other words, it is a natural mixture of organic and inorganic, well-soluble substances in water. Mumio Shilajit itself is formed in rock cracks, voids and niches and is a film, crust or growth of black and dark brown resinous masses with an admixture of sand and gravel.

Mountaindrop Mumio Shilajit is cleared of impurities, these masses become uniform, elastic in their consistency, usually with a shiny surface. They have a peculiar aromatic smell, a slightly bitter taste and a melting point equal to 80°C. It is this mixture that is called the mumio. It is perfectly preserved, despite the fact that during prolonged storage it loses the moisture contained in it and gradually hardens. However, being re-placed in water, it easily and quickly dissolves.


Our Shilajit is 100% Natural and Pure!

The minerals in it are in ionic form, which enables better absorption into tissues. As a consequence, the potential of the substance is much higher.

We test our product regulary, to ensure we offer the best quality product on the market. You are welcome to look at the certificates.

Dissolve the product in warm, not chlorinated water, tea or milk and drink it, or take it directly and let the shilajit to dissolve in your mouth. Read more about it here.


Proof of Mountaindrop Excellence

“I have known about mountaindrop for quite a long time and am happy that it is now also available in Slovenia. The resin has a great effect on bruises and insect bites…”

Mihael Voglar

Beauty, Health issues

“Mountaindrop has brought me many positive results. Currently I am staring a new business and need many new ideas about how my products and services…”


Mental wellbeing, Sport

“I am exceptionally thrilled with this product, I noticed definite difference. My well-being and focus got better, I feel extra energy and I am not as tired as I was. “

Patricija Brodej

Mental wellbeing

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